Yamaha Adjustable Chain Guide


$ 199.99 

Not all chain guides are created equally. The JGRMX Yamaha adjustable chain guide is machined out of UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) polyethylene, due to its outstanding abrasion resistance and low friction qualities. This material is also impact, chemical, and moisture resistant. The JGRMX guide is 1-1/2 inches longer than the stock/OEM guide. The increased length creates a direct feed from the guide to the rear sprocket. Additionally, the guide can be moved 1mm up or down to accommodate a wide range of rear sprockets, from 47-teeth to 53-teeth. The JGR logo is etched in the outward facing side. Chain chatter is extremely quiet, unlike other chain guides on the market. All hardware is included. Replacement UHMW insert available and sold separately. This is the exact chain guide the JGRMX race team used in 2016.

Fits these models:
2008-2018 YZ125/YZ250
2007-2018 YZ250F
2007-2018 YZ450F
2007-2018 WR250F/WR450F
2015-2018 YZ250FX
2016-2018 YZ250X
2016-2018 YZ450FX