JGRMX Suzuki Stage 1 Engine Kit


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Boost overall horsepower and improve engine tuning ability with the JGRMX Suzuki Stage 1 Kit. Available for the 2019-'20 Suzuki RM-Z250 or 2018-'20 Suzuki RM-Z450, the kit contains JGRMX’s proprietary high-compression piston kit, along with a GET RX1 PRO ECU. The ECU comes pre-programmed by JGRMX’s engine experts, with two maps that are designed specifically for JGRMX’s performance modifications. A map switch mounts to thex handlebars and allows the rider to easily toggle between maps. 

  • Piston boosts engine compression (RM-Z250 - 14.25:1; RM-Z450 - 13.5:1)
  • Two-ring design provides less drag and more horsepower
  • Forged piston for increased durability
  • Machined valve pockets for additional valve clearance
  • JGR logo etched on the piston crown
  • ECU comes pre-programmed with two map options (mapped for VP Racing T4 fuel)
  • Plug-and-play with immediate performance benefits
  • Maps developed specifically for JGRMX engine modifications
  • Kit includes high-compression piston, rings, DLC coated wrist pin, clips, and GET RX1 PRO ECU (with WiFi-Com, two-position map switch and installation instructions)
  • Available for the 2019-'20 RM-Z250 and 2018-'20 RM-Z450