Yamaha Adjustable Subframe Mod


$ 189.99 

The JGRMX Yamaha adjustable subframe mod allows you to adjust the subframe over one inch, by lengthening or shortening the subframe, to achieve the perfect fit. Our subframe modification uses titanium hardware with threaded aluminum bungs that are welded into the frame. When set as a lowered subframe, this is a great modification for shorter riders, or those looking to lower the seat height for indoor racing. Detailed instructions are included. Please click HERE to read the product test in Motocross Action magazine.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to ship your subframe to JGRMX in order for us to install the modification. Turnaround time is generally one week after receiving the subframe. You will need to pay online (here) before we will do the mod.

Fits these models:
2014-2018 YZ250F 
2015-2018 YZ250FX
2014-2018 YZ450F
2016-2018 YZ450FX
2015-2018 WR250F
2016-2018 WR450F

Shipping address:
Attn: Subframe Mod
13201 Reese Blvd. West
Suite 300
Huntersville, NC 28078
(704) 875-0573

Please include your name, phone number, and return shipping address in the package with your subframe.