JGRMX Suzuki Stage 2 Engine Kit


$ 3,549.99 

For the ultimate performance advantage, the JGRMX Stage 2 Kit contains the components necessary for success on the amateur ranks and professional level. Available for the 2019 Suzuki RM-Z250 or 2018-'19 Suzuki RM-Z450, the kit contains a JGRMX ported cylinder head assembly, JGRMX-spec race camshafts installed, as well as a pre-programmed GET RX1 PRO ECU and JGRMX high-compression piston kit. The Stage 2 Kit bolsters engine horsepower throughout the entire RPM range without sacrificing durability.

  • CNC ported cylinder head
  • Developed by the JGRMX race team
  • Fully assembled by JGRMX engine techs and ready to install
  • Kit includes assembled cylinder head, JGRMX-spec camshafts installed, GET RX1 PRO ECU (with WiFi-Com, two-position map switch and installation instructions), JGRMX high-compression piston kit, head gasket, base gasket and NGK spark plug
  • Uses stock valve train and cam gears (valve springs are appropriately shimmed [450] or exchanged for proper valve control [250])
  • JGR logo engraved on side of head
  • Includes head gasket, base gasket & NGK spark plug
  • Hinson clutch springs are suggested
  • Requires the use of VP Racing T4 fuel
  • Available for the 2019-'20 RM-Z250 and 2018-'20 RM-Z450