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REM Treated Transmission Service

REM Treated Transmission Service

  • $ 39500

Give your bike the factory treatment with our REM treated transmission service. The REM Isotropic Finishing Process creates a chemical interaction on the surface of the part, which creates a thin film. The parts then interact with a ceramic media in a specialized vibratory tub that removes the film from the high areas of the metal. The chemically induced film re-forms at the high areas, and the process continues until the peaks are removed for an improved micro finish. Following that process the parts are placed in a mild alkaline mixture that removes all traces of the film. This results in a polished, mirror-like finish. Benefits include friction reduction, improved shifting, longer life, vibration and noise reduction, and better overall transmission performance.

Our REM treated transmission service is available for any make, model and size of motorcycle. Please note that JGRMX is not responsible for any lost parts should you send in your transmission. There is an additional charge to remove and clean the transmission parts if you ship us your complete engine. Click HERE for more information on sending in your part. *Note: You cannot purchase the part here via the shopping cart. You must follow the provided link and make your purchase on the phone.