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JGRMX Spring/Air Fork Kit

  • $ 68999

Combine the benefits of spring and air suspension with the JGRMX Spring/Air fork kit. This design replaces the stock triple chamber air fork cartridge in Showa SFF TAC and WP AER forks, turning the cartridge into a combination spring/air setup. The kit provides a spring-like feel through the initial part of the stroke, with the outstanding bottoming resistance of an air fork. Air pressure is controlled by a single chamber. The JGRMX Spring/Air fork kit allows you to run a considerably lighter fork spring, which provides better initial plushness and front-end traction. The single, inner air chamber can be adjusted to control the ramp-up effect through the stroke, as well as bottoming resistance. 

JGRMX’s Spring/Air fork kit replaces the stock air cartridge in the right fork leg and can be used with stock damping, if desired. Inner chamber air pressure can be between as little as zero psi or as much as 25 psi, depending on personal preference. JGRMX will install the kit and revalve the forks for an additional $214.99, plus oil and wear parts (if needed). This price includes a dyno run on the Roehrig Engineering dyno. We recommend a shock revalve after the fork kit has been installed. This cost is $204.99, plus oil and wear parts (if needed).

The JGRMX Spring/Air fork kit includes the cartridge assembly, spring seat, fork spring, and three different preload spacers. Detailed installation instructions are provided. For more information, please contact our suspension department at (704) 274-3432.

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